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Our company is a reliable rental company providing comfortable Lodz Airport car rental service. With us, you can book a car over the phone or online. The city is about 3 miles from the airport and though it is not very far, you can always depend on our Lodz Airport car rental. With us, you have the option to pick up or drop off the car at your desired rental location. We offer wide range of benefits like easy booking, theft protection, airport fee, VAT local tax, roadside and breakdown assistance and round the clock customer support. Find cheap Lodz Airport car rental with us and avail from our around the clock support.

A Brief Insight into the Lodz Airport

The Lodz Airport is also known as the Lodz Wladyslaw Reymont Airport. The airport is named in the honor of the famous novelist and short story writer, Wladyslaw Reymont. The airport is located 3 miles south of the Lodz City in central Poland. The airport serves as a regional airport to the low cost airlines. Though the airport does not have much of an importance, it opens the door to a land of unique cultural and historical attractions. The beauty and the marvelous monuments of the early 19th century attract tourists round the world. Tourists can use Lodz Airport car hire to explore the city at their own pace and convenience.

The airport though a regional one, has been growing in popularity due to the development of tourism in the city. The airport is located very close to the Lodz city which is considered to be one of the thriving areas in terms of the events offered and cultural activities hosted here. The museums and the monuments in the city have the imprint of the polish architecture in it.

The historical events have added to the importance of the city. There are numerous art galleries in the city that house a wide collection of contemporary art which are famous all over the world. The city also has an exceptional collection of flowers and plants in the botanical garden and parks. There are many annual programs organized in the city which entice the tourists. Rent a car at Lodz Airport with us will help the travelers to reach their destination much faster and hassle-free.

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Nearby Locations to Lodz Airport

City Museum of Lodz

To become familiar with the 19th century history and culture, City Museum of Lodz is the entrée point to the era gone by. The museum features opulent interiors, dark-wood paneling, grand ball rooms and possibly everything interesting.

City Museum of Lodz City Museum of Lodz
Piotrkowska Street

Lovely long commercial street stretching from Liberty Square to Independence Square; a walk along the street leads your way to series of shops, bars, restaurants, pubs and a host of other engaging sites as White Factory.

Piotrkowska Street Piotrkowska Street
Museum of Art (Museum Sztuki)

Truly a master creation, the oldest museum of modern art puts on display works latest by 1920s, from distinguished artists as Adler, Leger, Picasso and other contemporary Polish artists.

Museum of Art Museum of Art
Old Town Square

4. The oldest of squares in Lodz, Old Town Square has undergone transformation from being the medieval little town. There is a mill pond, a beautiful town hall, modern houses and an entirely unique Polish essence.

Old Town Square Old Town Square